Your own picture

If you are new to the system, no picture of you has been uploaded as yet. Catch up on this, for you will notice as you use Stud.IP that nothing is more annoying than fellow students or colleagues who “politely remain in the background”. Of course, no one forces you to really upload a picture of yourself; you can use any arbitrary picture that you think is appropriate!

To upload a picture now, proceed as follows:

  • First, scan a picture into your computer, load it from a digital camera, or use one that is already on your hard disc.
  • Click on the “Search…” button, the customary file dialogue of your operating system appears. You can now search your hard disc for an image file.
  • If you have found an appropriate file, click on “Send”.

Please comply with the following rules: Only image files with the endings .GIF, .PNG or .JPG may be used. The image file may not be larger than 700 KB (please be considerate of your fellow users with slow modem connections…). Animated GIFs can also be used and will also be displayed in animated form



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